Strategy Consulting

Strategic planning is wholistic planning. Strategic planning mean we factor not only mission and KPI, but also climate change, sustainability, corporate responsibilities, people, and Black Swam events. We utilize historical assets as well as emerging trends and technologies to deliver solutions that a highly effective and efficient.

Experience Consulting

Ethniv Consulting designs your business to understand and adapt to customer needs, fast. We help businesses with their approach to customer lifecycle transformation, long-term relationships, demand-driven commerce and customer engagement services. Working with you, we apply modern business insight, industry expertise, social and historical knowledge, data and analytics, your workflows to enhance the way your business develops and grows

Operations Consulting

The long-term success of any organization relies heavily on efficient operations. Understanding the organization mission and KPI and implementing intelligent workflow and streamline processes. At ethniv we integrate the right tools and automate for efficiency, reduce OpEx, and maximum efficacy

Technology Consulting

Hybrid is not to be confused with High-Rise, which is a mix-form of vertical feature integration. Our Hybrid solution allows you to have what you want and when you need it. At Ethniv we leverage hybrid solution to capitalize on technologies that derives the best from all. We deliver purpose-built technology solutions that simplifies management and reduces operational expenses. We combine industry expertise, proprietary assessment tools and relevant data to efficiently transform and scale impact across your business using the world's most flexible hybrid technology model.