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Why Voice and why not others?

We have a digital currency system for making the process easier for customers. There are few other platforms where artists can sell their product but they deal with limited type of media content like either painting, photography or music. Hence, if a customer like to buy a painting for drawing room as well as some theme music to play he needs to register to different site and pay for different packages in different place.

Let's take an example to find why Voice is more beneficial and attractive for any customer.

Mr. A wants to buy a few pictures and painting for his drawing room as well as like to buy some nice theme music for upcoming ceremony in his home. He need to register to a photo sales website and buy from among an available packages where most case the package offer multiple pictures to buy for a lump sum amount if you want to buy multiple pictures as single picture costs more than a bundle. In case you don't require all the images and decides to buy few out of the whole packages it only means your remaining money laying with the website for your next requirement other time. Then Mr. A need to visit a music service provider and again do the same, invest money to get the best available package invest money and might be his money is not fully customized according to his need or he might not need what he gets offer.

While using Voice, Mr. A can buy some digital currency against his money, and he can buy photos similar way like other picture seller but here he also can manage his remaining money effectively by purchasing music or other things he is interested with like book for family, pictures for his advertising project, painting for his drawing room.

In conclusion we can say this project alone can be the compared with the combination of Adobe stock, itunes, Fine arts of America with more customer comfort under one roof.


  1. Responsive fluid web to use in mobile, tab, desktop or laptop anytime you need to use.
  2. Clean user Administration section to track your purchase or sales order, promote your product and compare between various records.
  3. Existing customer group of Ethniv global community.
  4. Digital currency system to not to use your wallet every time you need to purchase for smaller things.
  5. Use the remaining digital balance with other products like Painting, music, book, poem, movies, event ticketing.
  6. Earn digital coin as redeem point when you purchase from Ethniv store.
  7. Redeem remaining digital money to get discount while buying real life goods among millions of items available with Ethniv store.

Technology we used

Responsive fluid framework, high end graphical interfaces, latest web based languages like HTML5, CSS3, secured front end scripts and language like Angular Js by Google, JavaScript, J query, secure Backend using .net from Microsoft, Secure and encrypted database using Microsoft SQL Server, renowned financial giant like NCB permitted financial gateways.

Backed by

Leading marketing experts, technically upgraded architects, creative designers, professional programmers, attentive database administrators, round the clock customer support.