A Well Thought-out Solution


Ethniv Marketplace

For us at Ethniv e-commerce is much more than electronic transactions and payments. Yes, we make it easy for businesses to setup, sell, and manage their e-commerce channel. Yes, we have made it secure and convenient for consumers to choose from millions of products available for sale throughout the region and have them efficiently delivered. Ethniv is built with the vision and mission of serving the region and its' diaspora populations. First by bringing awareness the wide of talents and products available throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Our platform is a power engine for change, bringing consumption closer to production thereby minimizing the capital transference out of the region. By providing a channel where global consumers can purchase from businesses throughout the region, we are facilitating a direct injection on monies into regional economies. The positive socioeconomic impact are key measures of our success.

Why Ethniv.com ?

Markets in the Global South are distinguishable because of their socioeconomic underpinning. We listen, we observe, we understand, we care, we implement, and we are good at what we do! Implementing solutions for our market gives us a unique opportunity to correct for error other solutions providers have made. A consumer facing e-commerce platform which puts the power of choice, convenience in the hands of visitors to platform and the thousands of MSMEs selling their products on our platform. Ethniv provides an end-to-end solution for MSMEs. Ethniv ERP, (available to every seller), provides all sellers with operation tools that allows them to focus on their core competence. Inventory management, Point of Sales, Sales Management, Purchases Management, Product Management, Product Authentication (for the orange economy and manufacturers), and Data Analytics to name a few. Our solutions serve the retail, wholesale, orange, blue, silver, purple and green economies


  1. Responsive fluid web to use in mobile, tab, desktop or laptop anytime you need to use.
  2. Clean user Administration section to track your purchase or sales order payment system, addresses or even access customer service.
  3. Redeem gift card sent by friends or relatives.
  4. Use digital balance to get discount on products from Ethniv Store.
  5. Order for your home from abroad for your friend or family to receive items without hassle.
  6. View or pay using your favorite currency.
  7. Shop from any country without going through different websites, all products under one website.
  8. Secure payment system.

Our Technology

Responsive fluid framework, high end graphical interfaces, latest web based languages like HTML5, CSS3, secured front end scripts and language like Angular Js by Google, Advanced JavaScript, J query, secure backend using .net from Microsoft, Secure and encrypted database using Microsoft SQL Server, renowned financial giant like NCB permitted financial gateways.