Easy to sell through Ethniv

Steps to board on Ethniv in a hassle-free way

  • Step 1
  • Store Image

    Send us your Inventory & Store Information

    We set up the store. We test the systems. We get your approval to launch. Now we can start selling!

  • Step 2
  • Order Image

    Receive & Fulfill your Order

    Consumers can now browse and purchase products from your store.

  • Step 3
  • Delivery Image


    Shoppers can choose delivery or in-store pickup. Our network of trusted delivery providers will ensure purchases are delivered locally, across the Caribbean and internationally.

  • Step 4
  • Payment Image

    Receive Payment

    Let’s show you the money. We pay you every 20 days as the business scale, high volume vendors will be paid every 15 days. Funds are credited directly to your bank account.